January 24, 2023
Everything you need to know About UV Resistant Pigment Ink Technology

Pigment type ink offers many advantage over traditional dye based inks. It has the potential to add great color, durability, vibrancy, and texture to your ID cards. If you’re new to card making you may be confused with the terms, but have you ever thought of what makes the pigment ink best for your cards?…

December 22, 2022
Why Digitize Your Membership ID Cards?

Transforming your old fashioned membership cards to digital cards has really great benefits. Digital member-ship cards are the greatest tool to enhance your customers’ experience. Like physical ID cards you’ll get the access for unlocking doors, easy check-ins at every event and more. However, there are many benefits if you have a plan to transform…

September 26, 2022
Entrust Artista® CE875 Instant Issuance System with Embossing Module

Issue Instant Financial Cards with Entrust Artista CE875. Instant issuance system with embossing module, deliver cards with high-resolution imagery, bold, accurate graphics, and uncompromised security. On-demand flat card and embossed card printing gives financial institutions greater flexibility and card security. Retransfer technology empowers banks to build their brands and improve their customers’ experience. Force ID,…