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Advantages of Using Instant ID as a Service (IIDaaS)

August 26, 2022
Advantages of Using Instant ID as a Service (IIDaaS) | ID Card Printing Software in Gujarat

Entrust Identity as a Service (IIDaaS) allows trusted identities for employees, customers, and citizens so they may interact with your company in a secure and frictionless manner. User identity-related IIDaaS capabilities allow businesses to confirm that their users are authorized and deter cybercriminals from accessing systems with sensitive data. With Instant ID as a Service, a subpar credential cannot be created. We introduced to the cloud the security, adaptability, and disruptive innovation you anticipate from Entrust. Instant ID as a Service has all the modern features but none of the IT hassles, making it ideal for any size of business. Making a bad credential using the cloud-hosted IIDaaS system is really difficult. We bring the security, flexibility, and game-changing innovation you expect from Entrust to the cloud.

Discover how cloud-based IIDaaS enables simultaneous issuance of a physical ID (card) and a digital ID (mobile flashpass).


> An innovative drag-and-drop, browser-based interface: Easy to enrol, design, and issue cards.

> Efficient workflows: By streamlining printing procedures and getting rid of superfluous data entering stages, manual workflows can be eliminated.

> Service Availability: Mature platform with proven track of 99.99 % uptime, SLAs for Service Availability, Enterprises can rely on solution availability for all their issuance needs

> Robust Service Support Infrastructure: Intuitive, easy-to-use online training documents and videos help reduce barriers to adoption

> Scalability: Accommodate issuance needs of organizations that scale up or scale down, it’s easy to calculate subscription cost, and solution not tied to the number of records in database or size of the business

> Data Protection & Security: Entrust is an industry leader in protecting and securing data, Solution located safely in the AWS cloud, in AWS data centres in the US and Europe, but available globally.

With Entrust ID Card its ability to issue a physical ID (card) and a digital ID (mobile flashpass) at the same time. It has the power to see printer status, order supplies, check cleaning status, update firmware, or contact help, all on your mobile device. And an innovative drag-and-drop, browser-based interface, you don’t need an IT degree to enroll, design and issue cards.

In short, IIDaaS facilitates the management of digital identities to enable appropriate users to access the resources that are intended for them. IIDaaS benefits both businesses and their clients. End customers don’t have to keep track of several account credentials thanks to contemporary IIDaaS access features.

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