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Entrust Datacard ID Card Printers in Bangalore

January 14, 2020
Entrust Datacard ID Card Printers | Entrust ID Card Printers in India

Entrust Datacard is the global leader in digital and physical security, identity and payment solutions. Entrust Datacard’s desktop ID card printer solutions represent the ultimate identity platform. They had developed a solution that helps to create secure ID programs, meeting specific business objectives and streamlining issuance processes. With the Entrust Datacard desktop printer, you can expect consistently superior performance and cost-effective results.

Ultimate identity solution features of Entrust Datacard ID card printers are:

1) EDGE-TO-EDGE PRINTING – Retransfer printing technology in Entrust Datacard ID card Printer enables true edge-to-edge printing for a durable card that helps your brand stand out.

2) TACTILE IMPRESSION – Entrust Datacard ID card Printer enables an impression of a tamper-evident, hard-to-replicate image directly into the card substrate.

3) SECURITY OVERLAYS – This overlay in Entrust Datacard ID card Printer protects cards against fraud and replicating using advanced technologies and print capabilities.

4) PERSONALIZATION LAYER – This layer promotes your organization and personalizes printed cards with logos, graphics, cardholder photos, signatures, and other information.

5) BAR CODE SUPPORT – For Entrust Datacard ID card Printer there is a facility to store data securely with scannable 1D and 2D bar codes.

6) SMART CONTACT AREAS – Entrust Datacard ID card Printer allows for smart card contact pads in your card design.

7) UV PRINTING – Beyond full-color or monochrome printing, Entrust Datacard ID card Printer uses ultraviolet ink to add invisible, difficult-to-copy layers for added security.

With the availability of these comprehensive features for SD series, CD series, and CR series printers, the Entrust Datacard® ID card printer can be used in various fields like the Education sector, Government sector, corporate sector, Healthcare sector, etc.

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