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Entrust Datacard SD360 ID Card Printers For Schools

June 27, 2020
Entrust Datacard SD360 ID Card Printers For Schools | Datacard cd series printers India

For every sector, even academics or workspace, identity is a key element that distinguishes each other in one or another way. It represents as a sign of access for people to the authorized spaces and limits them to enter unauthorized areas. ID cards you wear denote you the identity you claim on, but the ID must be issued by an agency that you accept as legitimate rather will not be considered.

While talking about ID Card issuance in education sectors like schools, owning an ID printer at own premises bears you a lot more advantage from printing the whole cards needed from an outside vendor. School ID cards not only provide visual identification, but can also be used to manage lunch programs, library or equipment checkout, keep track of attendance, verify school bus access, and many more.

School ID Cards are named and personalized. They can, therefore, include various features to identify the student like the First name, Surname, Photo, Date of birth, Grade of studies, Guardian details, etc. In order to differentiate between grades, different color codes or badge colors can be applied. Creating school ID cards in-house is easier and more cost-effective than you may think.

Entrust Datacard SD360 ID card printers bring more value to the desktop that it increases productivity and saves work time by issuing secure single-side or double-sided ID Cards. In case of Student ID cards only the data entered must be changed keeping the design and other information as such. Another advantage of in-house printing is that there is no threat to data security and easy issuance for replacement of the existing ID cards or new ID cards since the whole printing process is done in the school premise itself.

Switch to new-age in-house ID card printing for schools for the following reasons:

  1. Instant issuance – no delivery issues
  2. Quality output every time
  3. No threat to data security
  4. No quantity restrictions – print only as many IDs as you need
  5. Easy, hassle-free maintenance
  6. Minimal investment, maximum savings

Entrust Datacard provides secure and innovative ID card solutions to create exceptional student experiences that meet the unique needs of both students and school administrators. Visit our website for the Prefect Identity Solution for Schools.