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Everything you need to know About UV Resistant Pigment Ink Technology

January 24, 2023
Everything you need to know About UV Resistant Pigment Ink Technology | Datacard Printers in Mumbai

Pigment type ink offers many advantage over traditional dye based inks. It has the potential to add great color, durability, vibrancy, and texture to your ID cards. If you’re new to card making you may be confused with the terms, but have you ever thought of what makes the pigment ink best for your cards? When comparing pigment based inks with others, it is rich and thick, it’s great for heat embossing techniques, and it’s long lasting.

What Are the Challenges Facing ID Card Programs?

When administering their identification card (ID) programs, organizations encounter difficulties that might be expensive if they don’t take their company’s bottom line into account. The type of printer ink technology utilized for ID card applications is the cause of some of these difficulties.The some of the main challenges are

UV Impact: Some Inks are exposed toenvironment, such as UV light. Employees who operate outdoors are more at risk of having their badges damaged by fluorescent lighting.Many businesses will attempt to solve this problem by purchasing pricey UV blocker laminates. Additionally, they frequently issue more cards again owing to damage from light exposure.But how about buying an advanced printer instead of replacing id cards for each and every employee over months. Force ID offers CR803 Retransfer ID Card Printer in India, it uses UV Resistant Pigment Ink Technology and it protects your cards from UV exposures and improves life of the card.

Image Quality: Many organizations are facing the integrity of the images because they are not using the latest technologies. Skin tone matching is one of the biggest problems, because some organizations want to print their company logo or face of employees, but they often face huge difficulty in printing the exact image that seen in the monitor.

Entrust Datacard is now using the pigment ink technologies, here are some of the benefits of using pigment ink retransfer id card printers.

  • Pigment ink has the advantage of being UV fade resistant, which prevents the cards from fading over time. This will increase the card’s lifespan and lessen the need for pricey reprints because of fading from light exposure.
  • The ability of true color pigment ink to match the original image on the screen to the printed image on the card is another advantage of pigment ink.
  • The ability to print with clear, crisp fonts at less than 2 point is another advantage of pigment ink technology at 600 DPI.

CR803 Retransfer ID Card Printer: Key Features and Benefits

  • Pigment ink prints lifelike skin tones so you can more accurately authenticate each cardholder to improve security
  • Over-the-edge printing with retransfer technology allows you to print on multiple card types, including technology cards
  • On-demand printing means you can print exactly the design you need, eliminating the need for pre-printed card stock
  • Print corporate badges, school IDs, driver’s licenses, and other high assurance Ids
  • Print on the card material that meets your needs and budget — from PVC to PVC composite, polycarbonate (PC) or PET card type
  • TPM module included in every printer — use Entrust Adaptive Issuance Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) to insert, manage, and remove user-specific certificates and keys in a secure location
  • Optional inline tactile impression module provides enhanced security to the card
  • Card capacity is

Input hopper – up to 125 cards

Output hopper – up to 25 cards

Card input size — 0.030 inches to 0.040 inches (0.76 mm to 1.01 mm)

These are the main of the features of CR803 Retransfer ID Card Printer.Retransfer printing with pigment ink technology delivers the best printing solution in the world.We are the best supplier of ID card printer solutions in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai.Contact with us today to know more about our id card printers.