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How Can Entrust Datacard ID Card Printer Serve Educational Institutions?

May 29, 2020
How Can Entrust Datacard ID Card Printer Serve Educational Institutions | Datacard cd series printers Bangalore

Technology is transforming, both students and staffs in every institution utilize student IDs.

Apart from old norms and standards of educational institutions, both students and staff are supposed to be with ID cards inside the campus. Every institution issues ID cards to its employees which bear their name, employee code, job title, and department along with the Institution identity, logo, and address. In the case of Educational sectors, there comes not only staff but also students. There are categories like Teaching staff, Non-Teaching staff, Students in different classes, and sections. This itself shows how an educational institution can be benefited with own ID card printer.

A standard ID card for Educational Institution bears personal contact details along with the designation (whether staff or student) on the card. These ID cards are often borne on a lanyard or a tag around the neck or tied to a belt or carried in the pocket. Irrespective of their mode of portability, an ID card must be carried at all times during his activities on the institution.

Use of ID Cards for an Educational Institution:

  1. ID cards help to identify and control access for currently enrolled students
  2. Immediately identify staff members to increase safety
  3. Distinguish faculty members and students from visitors
  4. ID cards grant access control to the campus

This signifies the importance of owning an ID card printer in your institution. When you have your own ID card printer, you can be in complete control of all aspects of the card creation and distribution process from start till the end process. No need for outside third parties to touch your data. It keeps you a few advantages like Cost-Effectiveness, Convenience, Customization, and Time-Saving. Along with printing your own ID cards at your premises by saving you the time, you also don’t need to search for a printing company anymore. All you need to do is to assign one of your staff to create the ID cards for the same institution he/she works for.

Entrust Datacard ID Card printer solutions for the Education sector are developed from the ground up to increase security and safety while extending the capabilities of student, faculty, and staff ID badges. Our solutions can be used for convenient access and campus activities. ForceID provides secure and innovative ID card solutions to create exceptional student experiences that meet the unique needs of both students and school administrators. We can suggest a suitable solution in this regard. In addition, ForceID will work with you and ensure smooth project implementation and can support Software & Hardware integration as per your requirement.

Force Identification (ForceID) offers an unbeatable selection of ID card printers and supplies from an industry-leading company and is the Authorized Master Distributor & Platinum Partner for Entrust Datacard (EDC) for their range of ID Card Printers and Secure Identification Solutions in Bangalore and Mumbai, India. At ForceID, we distribute Entrust Datacard’s ID card printers, ID card printing software, and all types of PVC cards including Plain white PVC Cards, Custom pre-printed cards, Contact Chip Cards, and Contactless chip cards.

Entrust Datacard provides secure and innovative ID card solutions to create exceptional student experiences that meet the unique needs of both Generation Z students and school administrators. Visit our website for a Complete Identity Solution for Educational Sectors.