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Issue Durable Cards And Save On Replacement Costs With The CR805 Card Printer

November 30, 2020
Entrust CR805 Card Printer ID Card Printer Solutions in Bangalore ID Card Printers in Bangalore

The Entrust CR805 Retransfer ID Card Printer is the next generation of printing technology. It instantly issues on-demand ID cards at its own premises. With brilliant color and great image quality, this new printing technology of Entrust CR805 gives industries the flexibility of instant issual of ID cards right from the desktop.

Entrust CR805 Retransfer ID Card printer with tactile impression and retransfer printing technology possess the following features.

High-End Look for Every Design
Its high-end look shows off the brand with quality imagery and high-resolution printing.

Improved Security
The pigment ink technology for easier card-to-cardholder authentication.

Long-Term Savings
Long-lasting images mean fewer card replacements and hence the system modularity reduces total replacement upgrades.

Lasting Impressions
The pigment ink technology resists UV fading, leading to longer-lasting images and fewer card replacements.

High-Resolution Printing
The 600-dpi pigment ink printing enables the printing of all small texts, OCR codes, and barcodes.

Data Integrity
The integrated security measures in Entrust CR805 ID Card printer ensure data is protected from security attacks.

Reliably Fast
This printer prints up to 100 single-sided cards per hour and 55 dual-sided cards per hour which is reliably fast.

The Entrust CR805 ID card printer gives customers an entire, on-demand card printing solution. With stunning color, card material flexibility, security measures, and robustness they need to form virtually any sort of card for his or her customers, citizens, and employees. It creates ID cards that stand out from the gang with pigment ink that provides photo-quality imagery, stunning resolution, and extreme precision.

Its Pigment ink technology provides longer-lasting images, thanks to its natural resistance to UV fading and therefore the effects of plasticizers. Also, enhance the robustness of the ID card with the CR805 ID card printer by adding a further layer of retransfer film to the card. Greater security features like tactile impressions are also available in addition to the lamination module.

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