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Protect the Integrity of Your Data with Entrust ID Card Printer

March 23, 2021
Protect the Integrity of Your Data with Entrust ID Card Printer | Uv Resistant Pigment Ink Technology Printers in India

Having safe access control and identification technologies in the workplace is essential to protect people and properties. Entrust ID card printers, play a vital role in security identification. Integrated security features in every printer ensure data is protected from threats.

Here we have introduced the brand new Entrust CR803 Re-transfer ID Card Printer with enhanced security features which is used to print corporate badges, school IDs, driver’s licenses, and other high assurance IDs. Protecting the integrity of your data is critical, and this is the most prominent aspect of the CR803 printer.

It includes TPM Module (Trusted Platform Module) which is an easy-to-install security chip that enables secure storage of information, such as passwords and security keys. Also, this printer uses Entrust Adaptive Issuance Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) to insert, manage, and remove user-specific certificates and keys in a secure location.  Furthermore, its secure boot prevents system startup at any indication of malware. The optional inline tactile impression module provides enhanced security to the card. These elements on the CR803 card printer will protect the integrity of your data.

Let’s have a look into other highlights:

  • It has a printing resolution of 300 dots per inch (dpi).
  • It uses printing technology with retransfer pigment ink. The retransfer printing process enables true over-the-edge printing, even on uneven surfaces such as smart cards. It produces higher quality images with true color.
  • Pigment ink prints lifelike skin tones, so you can more accurately authenticate each cardholder to improve security. Retransfer technology allows you to print on multiple cards, including technology cards.
  • Its On-demand printing feature allows you to print exactly what design you need, eliminating the need for preprinted card stock.
  • You can add inline modules for more card features as per your requirement.
  • Print on the card material that is cost-effective – from PVC to PVC composite, polycarbonate (PC), or PET card type.
  • This printer comes with an Ethernet or USB port for network connectivity.
  • Selectable color modes are available via the LCD screen.

ForceID, the ID card printer dealer in India provides the complete solution for your ID printing needs. If you have any further details to know, contact us now @ +91 8884 666 672.