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Sigma DS4: Instant Financial Card Issuance System

August 18, 2022
Sigma DS4: Instant Financial Card Issuance System | Financial Card Printer in Pune

Entrust Sigma DS4 Financial Card Printers are specifically developed for today’s cloud environments, allowing you to easily issue the world’s most secure financial cards. It offers high security, keeping your cards and your customers’ data safe and secure throughout the issuance process. Innovative technologies and scalability enable you to grow your card issuance program as your needs change. It will include a multi-hopper for feeding numerous pre-designed cards as well as an embosser unit with metallic tipped foil to generate elegant-looking cards.

Force Identification (ForceID) is an Entrust Authorized Master Distributor of financial card printers in India. With the simple operation and tested effectiveness of our ID issuance systems, you can quickly produce safe, robust, and stylish ID cards for your company, organization, or school.

It simplifies and makes unboxing less unpleasant, and it is specifically designed to begin the best printing experience. Color graphics printing, mag stripe encoding, embossing, and topping the card all happens in about 78 seconds. Card stock, supplies, and rejected cards are all secured by a software-activated lock. The restricted access complies with Visa® and Mastercard® security standards.

A comprehensive set of services is provided to help ensure that your rapid issuance program functions properly at all of your branches. As your needs change, you may easily expand your issuing program.

Your cardholders won’t have to wait longer than three minutes for their cards with instant issuance. We, at Force ID, offer financial card instant issuance systems for consumers who require an instant solution in the card issuance process.

If you want to have a smooth experience with the card issuance process, we are here to assist you in finding the best solution for your company.