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Switch to Digital IDs to Keep Your ID Card Safe & Secure

October 11, 2021
Switch to Digital IDs to Keep Your ID Card Safe & Secure | PVC Card Printer Suppliers in Pune | Entrust ID Card Printers in Pune

ID cards are essential for security in a multitude of areas and locations. Your ID card keeps your workplace safe and secure, lets others identify you, and it helps people keep track of products and payments in other work situations. As businesses become more autonomous, new needs to securely manage and remotely issue credentials emerge, the obligation to maintain a safe and secure data stream including information stored on physical and digital credentials grows. Although ID cards are so important for security, keeping the card secure while you are wearing it will ensure you don’t lose it.

Switching to digital ID is a simple and secure option to maintain and store your ID cards. As a leading ID Card Printers & ID Card Printing Software Provider in India, Force ID deals with Entrust Instant ID as a Service (IIDaaS™). Through support for the mobile flash pass, IIDaaS is enabling this merging of digital and physical credentials. It enables enterprises to offer secure credentials to customers, students, and employees all across the world securely.

This allows you to give your end-users digital badges that comprise biographic information, a photograph, and/or a bar code. It permits you to have various mobile flash pass designs for different purposes. Customization of numerous fields and branding is also possible with mobile flash passes.

The enrollment process with IIDaaS takes all the essential information and then converts it into a printed card and/or a mobile flash pass. You can use this procedure to link the physical credential design to the mobile flash pass design and map the fields to feed data into the mobile flash pass. On top of the mobile flash pass, you can customize the background color and add a corporate logo as well.

The software can generate both a physical (card) and a digital ID (mobile flash pass) at the same time. It offers database support that adapts to changes in security policies. Enterprises can also rely on service availability for all of their issuance needs, according to a proven track record of 99.9% “uptime.” All data in motion and data at rest is encrypted end-to-end by Entrust.

In addition, eliminating adoption hurdles provides technical support to partners as well as smart and easy-to-use online training materials and videos.

Upgrade to Mobile Flash Pass – Digital ID, which is more convenient and secure than conventional IDs and eliminates the chance of losing them.

If you require any additional information, please contact Force ID’s team of experts right now!