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Tactile Impression: Strengthen Your ID Card Security

January 30, 2021
Tactile Impression: Strengthen Your ID Card Security | Id card printers for schools in Mumbai Entrust Data Card Printers in Mumbai

Today, physical and visual ID card protection options are expanding and changing more than ever. Organizations are taking more effort to secure and ensure the safety of their workers with security concerns regarding card replication, tampering, and counterfeiting, combined with the growing difficulty of fraudulent activities.

Entrust CR805™ ID Card Printer with Tactile Impression is the new game-changer in the industry. The tactile impression provides an additional degree of protection by imprinting a design on the card surface that you can both see and feel. This safety feature is used to improve the tamper resistance of a card as well as brand enhancement.

Tactile impressions are available in a variety of generic designs according to industries. The designs include pillars, globe, bank, secure lock, secure globe, government, healthcare, and digital thumbprint. Organizations are opting for a custom design tactile features for a further level of security, and it always promotes the company brand.
The tactile impression feature is recommended to use with card technology compatible with the suitable print technology. To create a high degree of protection, this feature can easily be combined with overlays and laminates.

CR805™ Retransfer Card Printer, CR805™ Retransfer Card Printer with Inline Lamination Module – these are the two variations that include tactile impression. Let’s check the other features:

High Degree of Protection
ID Card Printer features the industry’s highest resolution pigment ink technology for simpler authentication from card-to-cardholder and other integrated security features.

High-Resolution Printing
600 dpi pigment ink printing enables high-resolution printing and printing of all small texts, barcodes, and OCR codes.

Flexibility for Companies
The platform gives companies the flexibility to issue their ID cards right from their desktop.

Stunning Design
Image quality and high-resolution printing show off your brand to the world.

Durable Cards and Save on Replacement Costs
Pigment ink provides long-lasting images due to its natural resistance to UV fading and the effects of plasticizers. Enhance the durability of your card with the CR805 card printer by adding an extra layer of retransfer film.

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