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The New Entrust EM2 Direct-to-Card Printer

February 23, 2021
The New Entrust EM2 Direct-to-Card Printer | Datacard sd series printers Bangalore | Datacard printer price Bangalore

Entrust is one of the top ID card printer manufacturers in the world which offers the best quality printers that deliver reliability, durability, and security for large, medium & small enterprises.

Here we are introducing the new Entrust EM2 Direct-to-Card Printer which uses the “Dye Sublimation” printing technology.

The printers with this technology are also named “Direct-to-Card Printers”. The print head contains small glass pixels inside that press the ink onto the cards and prints directly onto the cards. With this type of printing process, around the edge, you will have a small white border. This is because the print head cannot go over the card’s edge. These printers give you faster print speeds than reverse transfer (re-transfer) printers and lower costs per card.
Entrust EM Series printers work with Entrust software, certified supplies, and global services to give you a complete ID issuance solution that delivers exceptional results.

Features and specifications of EM2 Direct-to-Card Printer

  • The printing resolution of the EM2 card printer is 300 dpi
  • Print speed is higher than other printers. Print up to 880 single-sided monochrome cards per hour; 225 full-color single-sided cards per hour.
  • It has full-color and monochrome printing capability.
  • This printer comes with a USB to Ethernet adapter that can be plugged into the USB port to provide you with Ethernet connectivity.
  • Its small footprint allows users to work effectively in any location or workstation size.
  • It has Secure Boot that protects from a virus or malware on boot-up.
  • Consumer data is not stored in the printer after successful printing is complete.
  • Smart card and magnetic stripe encoding options allow you to create secure ID cards to give authorized users secure access to facilities, networks, and other privileges.

In addition, the EM2 card printer and its supplies are competitively priced to fit modest budgets.

Force ID offers quality ID card printers at an affordable price, and this printer can be a great choice for anyone.