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Why Entrust CR805 printer suitable for corporates?

December 31, 2020
Why Entrust CR805 printer suitable for corporates | Hospital ID Card Solutions in Mumbai | CD800 Series ID Card Printer

Entrust CR805 Retransfer ID Card Printer with Lamination Module & Tactile Impression feature is a complete and on-demand ID card printing solution. It comes up with stunning color patterns, card material flexibility, security features, and durability that make it suitable for the corporate sectors. Its inline lamination module provides brilliant color and great image quality to the cards printed. And hence this platform of instant identity issuance provides corporates the flexibility and features they need, to issue their ID cards right from their desktop.

Here we list out the areas of corporates where Entrust CR805 ID card printers are useful.

  • Employee ID Cards
  • Access Cards
  • Time Attendance Cards
  • Corporate Event Cards

In the corporate environment, Entrust CR805 ID Card Printers play a crucial role in personalizing ID’s in-house without exposing personal data to the outside world. Outsourcing for identity representation can lead to certain issues like misuse of data, receiving low-quality cards, data errors, etc.

The photo quality of the printed cards & high-resolution printing technology possesses a stunning and high-end look for every card design. Laminating ID cards allows keeping those credentials printed look as crisp as the day they came out of the printer, ensuring a consistently professional look. For improved security, tactile impressions are also used.

Benefits of owning Entrust CR805 ID card printer for corporates are:

  1. Perform in-house ID Card Printing.
  2. Per card cost is lesser when printed in-house.
  3. Avoid exposure of personal data to the outside world while outsourcing.
  4. Instant issuance of cards whenever the cards are lost or found with corrections.

We at ForceID, provide you with the perfect and complete solution for your entire corporate ID printing needs. Along with the high-end performance, Entrust provides you with Secure, Durable & High-Quality Cards. Contact us today @ +91 8884 666 672 for more details.