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Why ID Cards need Lamination?

September 25, 2020
Why ID Cards need Lamination | ID Card Printer Solutions in Mumbai

Laminating ID cards refers to the process of coating the surface of a PVC, composite or synthetic paper ID card in a layer of protective laminate. This layer is usually clear, but occasionally contains images like holographic foils or impressions for security purposes.
There are two main ways of laminating ID cards:
At printing – Some PVC ID card printers are capable of laminating the cards right after the print is applied.
With pouches – A less robust ID program may use laminating pouches for their ID credentials. These pouches come in common ID card sizes and are usually made of a mix of polyester and polyethylene. Printed cards are placed in the pouches, which are then run through a laminating machine.
Initially, many people think that the higher cost of a lamination-enabled card printer is an over expense. However, laminating your ID cards offers a number of benefits to both your ID program and your organization as a whole. Few benefits are listed below:
1. Laminating your ID cards will make them last longer.
Laminating your ID cards adds durability and longevity to your cards. Adding durability to ID credentials is essentially the purpose of using lamination. Laminated credentials have been proven to last longer than non-laminated credentials in standard use.
2. Laminating your ID cards can save money for your organization in the long run.
Replacement of cards is a reality. People are also careless with their cards. Scratches appear on the surface and images fade when a card is left out in the sun. However, replacement cards can be expensive, especially for a larger organization. By allowing you to issue fewer replacement cards, your investment in your laminating printer begins to pay for itself in no time.
3. Laminating your ID cards keeps them looking professional.
The main purpose of an ID card itself is to identify the wearer. However, there are secondary purposes, one that’s arguably as important is to project a look of professionalism at a job site.
Having a good ID card is a big deal, having a damaged ID card, however, is a deal-breaker. Get your IDs laminated with our Entrust ID Card Printer. We, at ForceID, distributes Entrust ID Card printer with an inbuilt lamination module that provides secure and innovative ID card solutions to create an exceptional user experience that meets your unique needs. Visit our website for a Laminated Identity Solution.