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Why Should You Consider Buying a Retransfer ID Card Printer?

February 16, 2022
Why Should You Consider Buying a Retransfer ID Card Printer? | Entrust ID Card Printers in India

An ID card printer with retransferring technology follows a method of printing the printed image onto a transparent film. However, the film is to be printed onto the blank card in the next stage.  This would allow them to print on uneven cards with chip technology and also beyond the edge.

We, Force ID offer Retransfer ID Card Printers in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, and Gujarat. Basically, there are two major varieties of ID card printers and are Direct-to-card printers and retransfer printers. Compared to direct-to-card printers, retransfer ID card printers do have many advantages.

Let’s find out how:-

Produce High-Definition ID Cards

The most attractive fact to go behind a retransfer printer is that they bring up the most professional-looking cards. The card layout is first printed onto a long-lasting overlay transfer film, that is then bonded onto the card’s surface by using a blend of heat and pressure. Retransfer ID card printers provide over-the-edge ID cards which are considered to be high-definition ID cards.

Best Choice to Print on Access Control Cards

Because the print head in a retransfer printer doesn’t come into direct touch with the card, it won’t be broken by the tiny raised edges of access control cards. In fact, if you’re making plans on printing onto smart cards or proximity cards such as those made via way of means of HID and MIFARE, a retransfer printer is the best choice.

Highly Secured

Instead of printing straight onto a card, retransfer plastic card printers print onto a clear film overlay which is then adhered to the card. As a result, they brings high-quality prints, a more durable card, and of course, a highly secure form of identification.

More Durable

Retransfer ID card printers are extra durable in nature. When a retransfer film is completely bonded to the card, it creates a long-lasting, scratch-resistant surface without the need for any extra Layers.

Lower Issuance Costs

Improved durability facilitates preserving card issuance charges as low as viable and decreases the amount of single-use PVC plastic you are using in the process. Unlike a DTC printer, retransfer card printers do now no longer require the porous surface of PVC for printing, so greater sustainable ID cards may be used without impeding card quality.

Force ID, as the Master distributor – the Platinum partner of Entrust ID Card Printers in India, provide CR803, CR805 Retransfer ID Card Printers.

The Entrust CR805 Retransfer ID Card Printer is the next step forward in print-on-demand technology. This new platform, which boasts bright color and excellent image quality, allows businesses the flexibility and tools they need to issue ID cards right from their desktop.

  • High-end look for every card design with photo quality imagery and high resolution printing.
  • Pigment ink for lifelike skin tones and easier card-to-cardholder authentication.
  • System includes improved security mechanisms to ensure that your data is secure.
  • Long-lasting pictures mean fewer card replacements, and system modularity.

Every card design printed by the Entrust CR803 Retransfer ID Card Printer has a high-end aesthetic, and it can be used for to print business cards, school IDs, driver’s licenses, and other high-security identification cards.

  • Pigment ink prints genuine skin tones so you can more properly authenticate each cardholder to boost security.
  • Print on a variety of card types, including technology cards, using over-the-edge printing with retransfer technology.
  • Offers On-Demand printing, which eliminates the requirement for pre-printed card paper.
  • Print on the card material that best suits your demands and budget, whether it’s PVC, PVC composite, PC, or PET.
  • As your needs change, add inline modules to incorporate more card features.
  • Optional inline tactile impression module provides enhanced security to the card.

Using Entrust Adaptive Issuance Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) to insert, maintain, and remove user-specific certificates and keys in a secure place using the TPM module included in every printer.

Retransfer ID card printers of excellent quality are available from Force ID. Please contact us as soon as possible for more information. Our Professionals are ready to assist you in determining your individual printing requirements and, ultimately, locating the ideal equipment for your business.