May 5, 2022
How to Choose an ID Card Printer in 2022

ID cards plays a crucial role in every firm and it’s used to identify people, verify their identity, track their movements, etc. Nowadays traditional paper-based is replaced with PVC, laminated, magnetic cards etc.  With such a wide collection of ID card printers, evaluating the choices can become an immense task. Force ID being the best…

March 28, 2022
Why Do We Recommend PVC cards for ID Card Printing?

While looking for the best ID card printers, you must also focus on the material on which your details will be printed. The printer you have, the level of personalization you require, and the amount of time the cards must last, all influence the sort of card you choose. We, Force ID worked with every…

February 16, 2022
Why Should You Consider Buying a Retransfer ID Card Printer?

An ID card printer with retransferring technology follows a method of printing the printed image onto a transparent film. However, the film is to be printed onto the blank card in the next stage.  This would allow them to print on uneven cards with chip technology and also beyond the edge. We, Force ID offer…