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Why Do We Recommend PVC cards for ID Card Printing?

March 28, 2022
Why Do We Recommend PVC cards for ID Card Printing? | Entrust Datacard ID Card Printers in India

While looking for the best ID card printers, you must also focus on the material on which your details will be printed. The printer you have, the level of personalization you require, and the amount of time the cards must last, all influence the sort of card you choose. We, Force ID worked with every ID card printer available and can help you make the right decision as the leading ID Card Printer Provider in India.

The usual card stock material is PVC, which stands for poly-vinyl chloride, and it works well for most ID card printing projects. They are the most widely used ID card material for the most printing applications. There are many more reasons to opt for PVC cards for printing such as:

• These are long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear. They are UV-resistant, scratch-resistant, and liquid-resistant. They’re both strong and flexible at the same time.

• It’s simple to print all the text, images, and visuals you’ll need to keep your business safe. Also these cards are easy to add holographic imprints and watermarks to your ID badges making them nearly impossible to counterfeit. Magnetic stripes and more high-tech security mechanisms like smart chips are easily implemented which improves security.

• PVC ID cards make you appear professional and comfortable to use. It also provides a long-lasting impact because of the capacity and excellent quality of ID cards printed by the machines.

• PVC cards do not crease or bend like paper.

• The majority of plastic cards are designed to be recycled. As a result, we don’t have to be concerned about environmental damage.

• When using dye-sublimation or direct-to-card ID card printers, PVC cards work efficiently.

• The color range is massively larger and more versatile with PVC ID cards. So, when it comes to customization, an organization can seek for a hue that is more closely associated with its logo.

PVC cards are more than the normal type of plastic; they’re a reliable solution to keep your company protected. Use PVC cards for your identification needs if you have a high-quality and efficient ID card printer. You’ll obtain the best quality and professional-looking results.

Force Identification (ForceID) is the Authorised Master Distributor & Platinum Partner for Entrust Datacard (EDC) for their range of ID Card Printers in India. We distribute Entrust ID card printers, ID card printing software, and all varieties of PVC cards, including plain white PVC cards, custom pre-printed cards, contact chip cards, and contactless chip cards, with the best quality and provide excellent performance.